This project was accorded to SPOWAC by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, which was for a duration of 2Yrs.

PC-PNDT Act was passed in India to stop female foeticides and arrest the declining sex ratio in India. This act bans prenatal sex determination. ​​​​SPOWAC is helping in the implementation of PC-PNDT at the grass root level. A few highlights of the work done by SPOWAC are mentioned below: 

- To create awareness regarding the issue, train nodal officers regarding PC-PNDT and reduce female foeticide.
- Anganwadi workers, indirect and pregnant women and all other women are targeted for this scheme.
-  Workshops and Seminars are set up, surveys are done, and are properly documented to address the issue in a well-structured manner.
-  Close liasons are maintained with all health centres.
-  Diagnostic Centres in the local area are monitored and legal action is taken against those that are erring.
-  Pregnancy outcomes, abortions and pregnant mothers are monitored continuously.
-  Awareness is spread among younger generations through debates, workshops, etc.